"Inspired by the naturalists and explorers of a time when all of the world was not known.
I imagine what it was like for them, setting foot for the first time in a new land.
The shapes and structures of the plants being both foreign and familiar at the same time.
I do find myself feeling envy towards, oh, Joseph Banks. Everything he touched was something utterly new.
I would make a good explorer I am sure, I like looking at things, and giving things names.

It’s hard though when everything already has a name.

The story of the platypus, the first specimen sent back to England viewed with much suspicion.
My mischievous mind likes this tale very much, it sees some different possibilities.
Perhaps there is still room in the world for a different type of naturalist.
Now living in Greece I am exposed to a new type of exploration, the exploration of the past.
I see this as another type of exploration and discovery,
through the shapes and patterns expressed by those artisans at another time in history,
we get to see the world as they saw it, both familiar and alien".

Anna Vlahos

Photographs by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

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